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    Kidney Dialysis and Wellness

    Newark, NJ

  • Mission

    The Dunbar Center’s goal is to provide the general public with a clean, safe and extended hours outpatient dialysis treatment facility. The Center will provide patients with compassionate and comprehensive medical treatments for all of their clinical and surgical needs. We will also offer holistic services including cultural and faith-based nutrition and wellness programs for all community members, as well as Tai Chi, and yoga classes.

    The Dunbar Center is designed to serve residents in communities that are traditionally
    under served. Quality service is our main objective. We believe that there is no need for the
    patients to wait to be serviced. The Dunbar Center will meet patient's priorities as their quality
    of life is our number one priority.

  • News

    Tammeisha Smith sees herself as a social entrepreneur, meaning she comes to startups from the perspective of identifying social problems and wanting to correct them. But it was a time when she knew nothing about the problem, never mind a way to correct it, that inspired her entry into...
  • The people behind Dunbar Center

    Tim Cook

    Tammeisha Smith

    President & CEO
    Jonathan Ive

    Steven Dunbar

    VP of Community & Patient Education
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    Taneshia Nash Laird

    Strategy & Real Estate Development
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